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About us

I DO ADVERTISING  is a Bulgarian company with long-term experience in advertising services  from the idea to the realisation of the end product. We are a leader in the creation and delivery of unique advertising solutions.

This is possible thanks to our highly qualified team  of specialists:

  • Creative team  of designers, 3D designers and architects;
  • Department for production and direct import of promotional gifts and diaries all over the world;
  • Sales department of specialists who work individually with you on every specific project;
  • Available network of advertising facilities owned by the company.

A co-founder and partner in I DO ADVERTISING  is Mr. Rosen Krastev, who is also a co-founder and partner in other companies with whom we have direct partnership relations, as follows:

J Point OOD – digital wide format printing -

J Point Plus OOD – digital offset printing -

Products and servises:

  • Creative concepts and graphical design
  • Production of printed and corporate materials
  • Direct import of promotional gifts from all over the world
  • Organizing events and promotions
  • Architectural and 3D design
  • Building interior and exterior advertising, billboards and roof structures
  • Letting out advertising facilities – urban environment and APM
  • Installation and full range of logistic services
  • Procuring legal documentation and legalising completed sites.


Our clients: Danone Bulgaria, Unicredit Bulbank, Societe Generale Expressbank, BACB, FIBank AD, UBB, Piraeus Bank, Piraeus Leasing Bulgaria, Vivacom, Litex Commerce,  Litex Motors, City Hospitals and Clinics, Proficlinic, KMB Bulgaria, Amit Constructions Romania, Avendi, Mall Serdika Centre,  Mall Paradise Centre, Karelia Tobacco Company INC  and many others.