Crypto license Czech Republic

The basic features of a crypto license in the Czech Republic

It is apparent that the Czech Republic’s regulations governing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are exceptionally loyal and lenient in comparison to other European and American countries.

Based on this assumption, it is reasonable to forecast a high level of competitiveness within the country in this field, as the Czech Republic offers a diverse variety of prospects for entrepreneurs working with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

While there has been an upward trend in cryptocurrency activity in all developed nations in recent years, the selection of a geographical location for the growth of this company should be treated with caution.

Don’t overlook numerous critical features of discovering a crypto exchanger in the Czech Republic or even another firm of this type. Furthermore, the entrepreneur is required to follow the KYC and AML principles in the conduct of his economic activity.

Such measures are intended to increase income support in the Czech Republic, as well as to prevent terrorist attacks and financial fraud.


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Procedure for obtaining a crypto license in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, acquiring a crypto license consists of multiple phases. Document collecting and preparation entails becoming acquainted with the project, acquiring a confirmation of police history, and preparing a power of attorney.

Establishment of an OOO (s.r.o.) in the Czech Republic (14-20 working weeks): legal interpretation of the document of incapacity and authorization into Czech; licensing procedures with a notarized and data entry into the Commercial Register.

Preparing for FAU registration application 14 working days: preparation of an AML/KYC strategy for the corporation under crypto interaction; seek for an AML/KYC officer, adaptation of his capabilities to the operational business, authorised occupation in the organisation, proposal of police records to FAU; filing a registration request with FAU and comprehensive assistance until the final moment of identification monitoring of the Customers, deliberations with the authorities.